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Meet me, the author/illustrator of

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Get signed copies of

Tangled in Magic and Guided by Magic

Books I and II of the Karakesh Chronicles


Unison Art and Craft Fair, December 1st and 2nd

at the Unison Center, New Paltz

De Facto Craft Fair, December 9th,

at New Paltz Community  Center


Photo on 10-29-18 at 12.54 PM #2

I hope to see you there!



Snake Update


The snake baby I found in the bag of potting soil was not a venomous species.  I have to admit I was a bit disappointed.

According to Raymundo, our local reptile and amphibian expert, this was a young ribbon snake masquerading as a viper.  He said that the shape of the eye indicates who is dangerous.  A round pupil (as above) belongs to harmless types, while an eye with an elliptical pupil means trouble.  Also, venomous snakes’ heads are distinctly triangular, with a narrow neck.  Also, a snake with heat-sensing pits along its head is poisonous, if you want to get close enough to check.

So I guess it was a good thing that I set the little snake free by the stream.  Maybe she’ll grow up to control the mice population that enjoy the warmth of our walls in the winter!