Endless Possibilities

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EWR to LAX – nonstop

Do I want more leg room for $150?


Do I want to choose a seat for $113?


If I’m travelling after 7/21/21,

I will not be allowed a carry-on bag.

Do I need to check a bag?


Both ways?


That’s $60.

No meals will be served.

You can purchase snacks.

Bottle of water-$5.


Have a pet?  Bring it on board for $133.

No pet.

Give your credit card number here.

Your CVC code here.

Here is your confirmation code.

Here is your ticket number.

Print out your ticket.

Do you need to rent a car?


Get a room in a hotel?


Do you want to upgrade to Premier Flier

And skip the line for only $175?


Discount tickets for Disneyland?

Sea World? San Diego Zoo?





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How do you go there,

Hands gloved in latex,

Face masked

Dripping sanitizer?

I did not see you descend

But now I see you rising

Dare you breathe?

Dare you touch the seat?

Dare you drink from the plastic glass?

I have not been recognized,

But I myself have recognized

How do you ride

From plane to house?

Is the driver sick or safe?

Is the rented room clean?

All things which are composed

Shall be decomposed

On earth and in heaven.*

from The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Jean-Yves Leloup