Spain…Last Views


Sanlucar prepares for Feria.  It begins tonight, May 29.  Workers are assembling the casetas–some around trees.


This guy was walking around on the ladder, like on stilts.


There were a lot of lights to string.


The Spanish ride mopeds.                            The interior of our favorite cafe.

image  Pat feeds the pigeons.


Spain…Once Again


Las Cabezas de San Juan

Pat and I took a drive, just for a change of scene.  The landscape is beautiful here. We continue to marvel at the wind farms, the solar panels, and the fields of crops. The land is golden, poppies and daisies edge the highway.

Of course we chose to arrive during siesta.  The town was closed up. We parked near the church so we could find our car.

Few people were out on the streets.


I like doorways. This one was pretty.


We asked a scruffy guy to direct us to a cafe. He pointed down the hill.

From the cafe we could view this park.  Pat had a beer, I had pineapple juice with seltzer and we shared a dish of peanutty snacks. Then we walked back to the car. I wondered why several buildings looked bombed out, with no roof and crumbling walls.  This one was actually an art piece.


So we said farewell to Las Cabezas de San Juan. We probably won’t visit you again.

Spain…Once Again


Last Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the house of friends of my daughter’s. I am still amazed at the beauty and size of this house. Truly it was more like the family compounds we saw in Mexico.


In addition to the carport seen here, there were three other buildings beside the main house.  To the left of the carport was the “bodega,” that served as a hangout for the kids.  Next to that was a pool house. On the other side of the pool was a guest house where the mom works on her dissertation.image

The kitchen of the main house was a traditional Spanish style, with tiled counters and blue stained built in cabinets.



Spain…Once Again

Things Spanish that catch my eye:

cafe on Sunday afternoon  lime citroen

Cafe on a Sunday afternoon………………….Citron Deux-Cheveaux

house villa horacia  Pat's tree

Interesting house in the neighborhood………..Pat’s favorite tree.

japanese chickens    Crazy Japanese chickens….

greyhounds Rescue greyhounds…


fruit 1

The most beautiful fruteria….

horse at sunset

Horse at sunset….

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Spain…Once Again

More views of Feria in Jerez


feria decor

coachmanCostume of a coachman

red ladySorry for the blur…I took the shot before I realized she was posing for me.


A long time ago, I recorded a song (composed by my cousin, Scott) with the lyrics:

“Enjoy what you’re doing when you’re doing it.

There’s something great in everything you do.”

For me, that’s the theme of Andalucia.  The people seem to savor whatever they’re doing, whether it’s having an espresso in a cafe, shooting the breeze with a friend on a street corner, or buying vegetables at the market.

Last night, at Juan’s Taberna, we watched the town perk up after the afternoon siesta.  The same old men sit on the bench on Calle Ancha.  I wonder how many times they’ve heard each other’s stories?  It’s a pleasant life here in Sanlucar.

Anna's rose

Spain…Once Again

Feria in Jerez de la Frontera

feria jerez1

The feria in Jerez is all about horses and dressing up–and also about drinking and dancing the sevillana.  There is a wide promenade in the fairgrounds where the horses parade.  Some are saddled, some pull carriages, but all are exquisite animals, braided and tasseled and shining.

Fairgoers can have their photographs taken with a horse, as above, or buy a ride in a carriage.  All along the promenade are the big booths called casetas where one can get drinks and tapas, or a meal, and dance.  Further along are the rides.  Here the noise is ear-shattering.

And of course, there’s food: churros y chocolate, tortilla de patatas, helado, and many variations of ham and sausage sandwiches.

Let me try to describe the most ingenious ride.  Four or five huge tubes of plastic float in a large pool of water.  They look almost like tubes of bubble wrap.  Kids go inside the tubes and run, like hamsters on a wheel.  The tube spins; the kids fall down.  Fun!

old spaniard on horse

This gentleman looked so very Spanish.  He reminded me of my ex-father-in-law.  Check out the stirrups.  After I took his picture, he did crack a smile.

On the way to the parking lot, we saw this couple heading into the feria.

feria jerez adios

Spain…Once Again

Wandering around Villa Horacia, where we are living, I noticed this tile on one of the houses:

abuela house

It really made me laugh. It also made me appreciate that the people who live here actually took the time to buy a tile and insert it in the wall of their house.

If homeowners choose a name for their house, maybe they order a tile made to display it.  So that would mean there are places–workshops or factories–that cater to this particular custom.  Here are some more:

It pleases me no end that the people of Sanlucar name their houses.  What a wonderful custom!