Spain…Once Again

More views of Feria in Jerez


feria decor

coachmanCostume of a coachman

red ladySorry for the blur…I took the shot before I realized she was posing for me.


A long time ago, I recorded a song (composed by my cousin, Scott) with the lyrics:

“Enjoy what you’re doing when you’re doing it.

There’s something great in everything you do.”

For me, that’s the theme of Andalucia.  The people seem to savor whatever they’re doing, whether it’s having an espresso in a cafe, shooting the breeze with a friend on a street corner, or buying vegetables at the market.

Last night, at Juan’s Taberna, we watched the town perk up after the afternoon siesta.  The same old men sit on the bench on Calle Ancha.  I wonder how many times they’ve heard each other’s stories?  It’s a pleasant life here in Sanlucar.

Anna's rose

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