Because sometimes . . .

As a grandmother, I’m past most of this. Never heard of the Wild Kratts. But I can relate to crawling into a hole for the next 3 to 5 business days!


Because sometimes you wake up with a sore throat, an AWFUL attitude, and something growing on your face that looks like a second chin.

Because sometimes you just want to crawl into a hole for the next 3-5 business days, but there are still lunches to make, boo-boos to kiss, hair to brush…the list never ends.

Because sometimes the Wild Kratts’ Monkey Mayhem game is the hardest thing in the entire world, and Chris and Martin should crawl into a hole.


Disclaimer: I’m really quite fond of the Wild Kratts. Their TV show and most of their games are wonderful. It’s just that my almost four-year-old isn’t quite ready for this game, and it is the ONLY one that he wants to play.

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Signs of Spring

Today I put on my trusty boots and went to see what was new in the woods.  Snow melt and rain have combined to fill the creek.  The water is brown from all the mud.  I’m betting this is the highest the water gets all year.


I slogged along on the soggy ground.  The skunk cabbages haven’t made much progress since the last time I checked.


This is the stone wall that may or may not mark the edge of our property.  I wonder again who built it so long ago.



Fantastic and Legendary Creatures

Ocean Nymphs or Nereids

ocean nymph1

The ocean nymphs (Nereids) represent a portion of the Okeanides, or water nymphs. According to Greek mythology, the Okeanides watch over all the earth’s water. The Okeanides each have their area of specialization: some are Cloud-Nymphs (Nephelai), Breeze-Nymphs (Aurai), or Spring and Fountain Nymphs (Naiades), and more. There are one thousand of them, and they’re all the daughters of the ocean god Okeanos, and Tethys, his wife.

I am interested in ocean nymphs, because I’m about to write one into my book. The Nereids, goddess-nymphs of the seas are not dangerous like the kelpie. The ocean nymphs preside over the all the sea life. They protect sailors and fishermen and help those in distress.

ocean nymph2

Writer’s Corner

When I give a writing prompt, I expect you to choose whether you want to write about yourself (in first person, “I”) or a character.


Here’s an idea to spark a story:


A kid is walking in a park. He or she sees a large pair of wings on a park bench.

What does the character do?

What happens next?



What I’m Reading

March 2017

An Evening of Temptation & The Ultimate Sacrifice

by Tevin Hansen


Nathaniel Hawthorne, the young hero in Hansen’s book, confronts the greatest adversary of all time: Mr. B., the Devil himself. The story takes place in a small community theater in the Midwest, where Nathaniel helps his Aunt Misty put on performances. When Mr. B. joins the company, he is, of course, an excellent actor. However, Mr. B. has higher aspirations: to rule the world. It is up to Nathaniel and his friend, Keisha, to stop him.

With Nathaniel, we watch plays performed, and make a short visit to Hell where we meet the current Seven Deadly Sins.   Author Hansen manages to sneak in a lot of interesting information about plays, their production, and Mr. B.’s various appearances throughout human history.

I particularly liked the end of this book, because it surprised me. It wasn’t your typical happy ending, that’s for sure. But maybe that made the conclusion more satisfying.

Hansen is the author numerous books and short stories and an editor for Stinkwaves Magazine and Handersen Publishing. He also happens to be my editor for the Magic Trilogy.

Fantastic and Legendary Creatures

The Kelpie


The kelpie, a water spirit in Scottish legends, lives in streams and rivers. Some sources say kelpies also haunt lakes and seas. The kelpie is a shape-shifter who can appear as a beautiful horse or a lovely woman. In her horse guise, she lures people onto her back, and then dives deep into the water, drowning the rider.


Kelpies warn of approaching tempests by wailing and howling, and continue their chilling cries throughout the storm.

One can only tame a kelpie by taking possession of its bridle. Then the kelpie must submit to the owner’s will. Kelpies are strong, and can do the work of ten horses. However, capturing and mastering a faerie spirit like a kelpie is a dangerous undertaking. I wouldn’t recommend it.