Fantastic and Legendary Creatures

Ocean Nymphs or Nereids

ocean nymph1

The ocean nymphs (Nereids) represent a portion of the Okeanides, or water nymphs. According to Greek mythology, the Okeanides watch over all the earth’s water. The Okeanides each have their area of specialization: some are Cloud-Nymphs (Nephelai), Breeze-Nymphs (Aurai), or Spring and Fountain Nymphs (Naiades), and more. There are one thousand of them, and they’re all the daughters of the ocean god Okeanos, and Tethys, his wife.

I am interested in ocean nymphs, because I’m about to write one into my book. The Nereids, goddess-nymphs of the seas are not dangerous like the kelpie. The ocean nymphs preside over the all the sea life. They protect sailors and fishermen and help those in distress.

ocean nymph2

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