What I’m Reading

March 2017

An Evening of Temptation & The Ultimate Sacrifice

by Tevin Hansen


Nathaniel Hawthorne, the young hero in Hansen’s book, confronts the greatest adversary of all time: Mr. B., the Devil himself. The story takes place in a small community theater in the Midwest, where Nathaniel helps his Aunt Misty put on performances. When Mr. B. joins the company, he is, of course, an excellent actor. However, Mr. B. has higher aspirations: to rule the world. It is up to Nathaniel and his friend, Keisha, to stop him.

With Nathaniel, we watch plays performed, and make a short visit to Hell where we meet the current Seven Deadly Sins.   Author Hansen manages to sneak in a lot of interesting information about plays, their production, and Mr. B.’s various appearances throughout human history.

I particularly liked the end of this book, because it surprised me. It wasn’t your typical happy ending, that’s for sure. But maybe that made the conclusion more satisfying.

Hansen is the author numerous books and short stories and an editor for Stinkwaves Magazine and Handersen Publishing. He also happens to be my editor for the Magic Trilogy.

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