Spain…Once Again


Last Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the house of friends of my daughter’s. I am still amazed at the beauty and size of this house. Truly it was more like the family compounds we saw in Mexico.


In addition to the carport seen here, there were three other buildings beside the main house.  To the left of the carport was the “bodega,” that served as a hangout for the kids.  Next to that was a pool house. On the other side of the pool was a guest house where the mom works on her dissertation.image

The kitchen of the main house was a traditional Spanish style, with tiled counters and blue stained built in cabinets.



One thought on “Spain…Once Again

  1. Dear Kim, Sorry I’ve been silent. Something terrible has happened. My close friend Lisa who also lived in Rosendale was killed in a tornado in Newburg when a tree crushed her car. I’ve spent over 40 hours clearing out her house while grieving. Her father came up after the funeral to sit shiva for a few days. She had many friends. Other situations have arisen which I will not go into in an e-mail. I have been very sleep deprived- have a bit more energy today and I’m cleaning my house for the first time in two weeks. Then I’ll pack a bag. We leave for a week in Florida tomorrow. This is a much needed vacation. Helene and Josh will be taking care of our cats.

    I’m sorry to tell you but I decided to take June off from the gym. Ideally I’d like to buy an elliptical and end my membership altogether. So, when we’re both home again, I propose doing some hiking together- and perhaps kayaking. Safe and happy travels. xxx


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