Spain…Once Again


Las Cabezas de San Juan

Pat and I took a drive, just for a change of scene.  The landscape is beautiful here. We continue to marvel at the wind farms, the solar panels, and the fields of crops. The land is golden, poppies and daisies edge the highway.

Of course we chose to arrive during siesta.  The town was closed up. We parked near the church so we could find our car.

Few people were out on the streets.


I like doorways. This one was pretty.


We asked a scruffy guy to direct us to a cafe. He pointed down the hill.

From the cafe we could view this park.  Pat had a beer, I had pineapple juice with seltzer and we shared a dish of peanutty snacks. Then we walked back to the car. I wondered why several buildings looked bombed out, with no roof and crumbling walls.  This one was actually an art piece.


So we said farewell to Las Cabezas de San Juan. We probably won’t visit you again.

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