Spain…Once Again

Prado del Rey   Part 2

saddle Prado

Horses are big in Andalusia.  None actually attended this festival day, but the fancy saddle kept their presence.  Next week at the feria in Jerez, there will be many beautiful horses.

una indigena

This woman caught my eye.  She is my idea of a Spanish gitana, although she may be from somewhere else entirely.

moving the virgen

The statue was on the stage during the play, but the men moved it off before the dancing began.

Noelia, Lola, Miguel 1    Noelia, Anna, Lola, Miguel

From the left, dancer Noelia, singer Lola, and guitarist Miguel.

And Anna added in after her dance.  As yet I’m unable to post videos on this blog, so check my Facebook page for the action.

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