Cross Off Yesterday


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When she peed on the rug

though you walked her so many times

in 26-degree air


When you were impatient

used mean words

When you felt so sorry

for yourself

When all the asking

for help for food for attention

sucked out all you knew of God


Don’t erase

the holy darkness before dawn

under waning starlight

the promise of the day

resting in warm flannels

the hawk’s grace and cry

geese invisible overhead

inked permanently

on the heart

Greeting Card


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These are the days of inner light

to contemplate what is given,

what is right:

the lungs that breathe,

the hearts that beat,

loving eyes,

dancing feet,

the trees that glow

the frost that glistens

the sacred Spirit that always listens.

Oh, holy days of dark December

Let us give thanks,

and remember.


Welcome, new followers, and thanks to all who read this blog.

Your Hands

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dedicated to all the medical workers, and especially those at Pomona Valley Hospital

Your hands are my hands,

since I can’t be there

to raise the bed,

to bring the pudding

to hold her hand.

Your voice is my voice

since miles muffle mine

to say words of comfort

to speak kindness

to tell hard, compassionate truths.

Your heart is my heart

since I’m so distant

to offer a warm smile

to give a gentle touch

to rest a cool hand

on her precious forehead.

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Getting Through a Year of COVID

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It’s unbelievable.  We’re coming up to a full year of masks, remote schooling, and social distancing.  And so many deaths. 

Gratitude: I am alive.  Turning seventy years old this month, and grateful to be here, in this good body, ensconced in a lovely house with loving family in touch, if not physically present.

I’ve been reflecting on the ways I’ve devised to get through a year of fear, political chaos, and isolation.  Here’s my list of what has helped:

>Yoga: Good for maintaining flexibility and strength, it also eases muscle tension.

>Daily Energy Medicine:  Donna Eden’s 5-minute routine is really helpful for setting up good energy pathways each day.

>Tapping (aka Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT)  I belong to Nick and Jessica Ortner’s Tapping website.  They offer lots of tapping scripts to help with a variety of concerns, including routines to help with COVID issues.  There are free routines available, or you can join for a minimal $12.95/month.

  • Zumba:  I wish I’d discovered this resource months ago!  I love to dance, and Zumba is great exercise that doesn’t require a lot of space.  No equipment is needed except a pair of sneakers and your body.  All those rhythms, salsa, cumbia, merengue, really lift my mood and moving to the beats makes my body feel good.

  • Meditation:  Oops, I almost forgot to mention meditation.  It has been my daily practice for so long (45 years!) that it slipped my mind.  We meditate for twenty minutes every morning.  Lately I’ve been using the Oak app because it’s fun to keep track.  However, nothing is needed except a quiet spot and a method.  I practice mantra meditation, but there are many other possibilities. 

>Walking: When the weather permits, getting outside and breathing fresh air is a great way to expel staleness.

>Zooming: I participate in two online writing groups, one group for caregivers and one for folkdancing, but there are many other groups to join to help one feel connected.

>Crafts:   I like to make things.  I sew quilts and baskets, do applique, paint rocks, and make books for my granddaughter.

>Cooking:  I’ve never been an enthusiastic cook, but since we don’t go to restaurants or order in, I’ve been trying out new recipes to stave off meal boredom.

>Jigsaw puzzles:  The 1000 piece puzzles can keep me busy for days. 

Maybe some of these activities will inspire you as we enter the second year of the pandemic.  Wishing health and peace to all.

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