This Door

This door leads to No Body.

It leads to Never Mind,

Forever Mind.

The cool blue light that pulses

and the tiny black seed in the golden circle.

Where peace is a kind horse to ride,

rocking, gentle,

through the surging and resting surf.

And then it all dissolves

into soft gray feathered space.

She comes then,

the warm shadow of a cat,

curls up around you and in you

and settles in your lap.

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Fold the legs under.

Place hands on thighs.

Wiggle fingers.

Get a tissue.

Smooth the blanket.

Find the loose cuticle

on the thumb.

Pick at it.


Move numb foot.

Shift the legs.

Smooth the blanket.

Find another rough cuticle.

Notice dry hands.

Get lotion

right now?

Scratch itchy neck.


Straighten the back.

Relax the shoulders.

Breathe in six.

Exhale eight.



the body fades.

Hands at peace.


Then set definite periods for prayer; set definite periods for meditation. Know the difference between each. Prayer, in short, is appealing to the divine within self, the divine from without self, and meditation is keeping still in body, in mind, in heart, listening, listening to the voice of thy Maker.

-Edgar Cayce reading 5368-1