Magic in the Woods

Today I made my first attempt to leave gifts for the faeries.

I read that faeries like sweets, cream, butter, pretty stones, and shells. Hunting in my craft supplies and my fridge, I found some of these items.

img_4457Faerie gifts: butter, cream, raisins, a slice of turquoise agate.

With my heart-shaped plate of faerie goodies, I went down to the stream behind our house. A hollow at the base of a tree seemed like a good spot. I brushed away the leaves, and set up my offerings.

fullsizeoutput_1a58    fullsizeoutput_1a57

I also read that there are special chants or songs to sing when offering gifts to the faeries, but I didn’t prepare any. The faerie gift hollow is going to be a work in progress.


Tomorrow I’ll check to see what happened.



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