Coming to You from Spain: Castillo de Santiago


A short walk up from the lower part of Sanlucar de Barrameda stands a real castle right on the street.  Completed in 1477, the Castillo de Santiago was built by Don Enrique Perez de Guzman, the second Duke of Medinasidonia.  Most of the castle has been restored.  You can see “before” and “after” photographs in one of the rooms.

IMG_4913    IMG_4915  IMG_4911    IMG_4922

There was an underground passageway between the castle and the palacio of the Guzmans.  I think that is what is in my photograph below.  It certainly looks like a tunnel.


Being a great fan of mermaids, I enjoyed the Mermaid Gate showing a double-tailed mermaid protecting the coats of arms of the Duke of Medinasidonia and the Duchess Leonor de Mendoza.


In the winter, a local falconer brings his birds to the castle.  I hold a special place for raptors because of Archer, the gyrfalcon, in my book, Tangled in Magic.

IMG_4920     IMG_4921


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