Coming to You from Spain: Things That Catch My Attention

IMG_4940Sitting in a cafe across the street from the castle in Jerez de la Frontera, I stared at this incongruity for a while: palm trees and a castle.  Somehow my brain doesn’t put the two together.


Here is the lighthouse in Chipiona, with a cafe directly on the water.  We liked the look of this town, although it was still before high season, when it would be crowded with summer vacationers.


“Feed the birds, tuppence a bag—”    This gentleman is one of the regulars at the Plaza del Cabildo in Sanlucar.


These elders are regulars, too.  The woman with the glasses is the lead entertainment for her group.


Quite a “do!” on this rooster in the local pet store.


Aren’t they beautiful?  Useful, too, as the weather rises into the 100s.




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