Fantastic Creatures: Selkies


Selkies are legendary shape-shifting creatures of the sea. Stories abound about these seal people who shed their skins and come ashore in human form to dance on the beaches, or bask in the sun.

The folktales tell about selkie women whose pelts are stolen and hidden by enamored men. Trapped in their human forms, the female selkies must remain as the wives of their captors until they can retrieve their skins and escape to the sea. Male selkies are reputed to seduce human females. Some human women actually seek out the handsome selkie men.

Book III and Book IV of the Karakesh Chronicles have characters that are selkies. What most interests me is this: what happens to the children of these unions? What do they look like? Are they born with the same combination of traits, or are the selkie and human features mixed up in different ways?

That is partly what Book IV is about. The main character is a half selkie/half human girl. I’m writing it now. I hope you’ll read it when it is published.

Meanwhile, you can explore the Kingdom of Karakesh in Book I: Tangled in Magic, available at and check out my author page at

selkie 1

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