A Dream Comes True

Over thirty years ago, I tried to illustrate one of my own stories.

I had written a book about Max, a little boy who refused to take a bath.

In attempting to illustrate this story, I became increasingly frustrated at my lack of skill and knowledge of craft.

When I finished writing Book II of the Karakesh Chronicles (title: Guided by Magic), I pictured the kind of illustrations that would suit the mood of the story. I envisioned the look of a woodcut, because so much of the story takes place in mines and caves.

Tevin and Nichole Hansen, the generous editors of Handersen Publishing said, “Try it out.”

So I did. And the editors liked the result.

neclace vision

I never would have guessed that I would become a published writer and illustrator in my “golden years.” Somewhere in my subconscious, the desire kept simmering.

I am more and more convinced that “All thought creates form on some level.”*

What do you believe?

title page2 GBM



*Marianne Williamson

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