Dancing Dreams and Life’s Wonders

Anna dancing Spain

This person with wings outspread is my daughter, Anna Librada.  She is performing flamenco in Spain.  This accomplishment has been a life-long dream. I know, because she told me.

Over thirty years ago, that talented, determined woman was a stubborn little girl.  She knew what she wanted.  She began dancing at age five, moving from Marya Kennett’s Gymnastics and Dance Studio in Goshen, to Susan Slotnik’s dance classes in New Paltz, to studying and eventually performing with the Vanaver Caravan.  She made her way to southern Spain to learn the dance of her roots.

Now she continues to study flamenco and performs in Andalusia, Spain.

I am amazed and proud.  I would guess that not many parents get to see their grown children achieve such a dream.

You can enjoy Anna and other Hudson Valley flamenco talent at the upcoming Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival in August.

Tickets are available now.


See you there!

HVFF poster


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