Guided by Magic: Coming in September


GBMCoverBeeKim copy

Guided by Magic, the second book of the Karakesh Chronicles, will make its appearance this fall.  I’m still amazed that the characters who began in Book I, Tangled in Magic, multiplied and insisted that their stories be told, too.  I’ve stopped for now at Book V, although there are more characters with stories knocking at my door.

For me, the most significant theme of Guided by Magic is the bond between sisters.  And “sisters” includes females who are both related and not.  In the book, the sisters seek and support each other, and become strong women who know their minds.

I have a dear sister who lives in California.  For many years, she has “marched to her own drummer,” traveling the world and creating surprising, whimsical, and beautiful art of beads, fabric, paper, and fiber.

pgoat                                                         jan's collage

You can view her work at persimmon goat designs on Facebook.



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