Guided by Magic is Here!

GBMCoverBeeKim copy

“I never told anyone that I saw the Grassman steal our baby.”

So begins Book II of the Karakesh Chronicles.

If you read Book I, Tangled in Magic, you met Scrub, the waif Agatha rescues in the forest.  In Part 1 of Guided by Magic, Sada tells of her quest to find Scrub, the changeling the Grassman put in the pram, and whom Sada grows to love.  The only thing Scrub leaves behind is a magic necklace.  But are the visions in the necklace to be believed?

In Part 2, Miela, Sada’s little sister, sets out on her own quest.  Trouble follows her, threatening to destroy her dream.

Guided by Magic is particularly special to me because I had the opportunity to do the illustrations.

neclace vision

I used linocut to achieve the brooding quality of the story.

Guided by Magic, as well as Tangled in Magic, will be available from me at the Car and Craft Show in New Paltz, on September 29, at the Ulster County Fairgrounds.  I will also be selling the books at the Unison Arts and Crafts Fair on December 2.

Guided by Magic will soon be on Amazon, too!

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