Cars and Crafts


The Cars and Crafts show on September 28 at the Ulster County Fairground turned out to be a day of gorgeous warm weather.  This festival competed with several other events, in particular, the Elting Library Fair.  Attendance was moderate, and yet I sold two books.  The best part of the day was talking to my neighbor, a jeweler.

In the quiet moments, I worked on a new story that is a middle grade mystery.

You see I’m sporting my favorite Hudson Valley Writing Project t-shirt.

Kudus to Nicole Jurain, the main organizer.  That is a big job, and she made the Cars and Crafts show happen.

Another event we attended was the Wiltwyck Quilter’s Guild’s Quilt show.  It was held at the Rondout Elementary School.  The artistry of the quilts on exhibit was astounding.


First prize winner–Susan Stessin-Cohn–all hand appliqué.  Congratulations, Susan!

I love to quilt, but I am not as precise as this.

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