Art from the Past


From 1972 to 1973, I attended the College of Creative Studies, a school within the University of California at Santa Barbara.  The boxes and portfolios of work from that time and later years survived several moves across country, and have resided in the attic for the past 25 years.

One of the daunting tasks of downsizing is choosing what to save and what to throw.  Fortunately, my son left his empty portfolio case that he used at FIT, so I had a place to put the artwork I deemed worth saving.  It was hard to choose.  Flipping through stacks of drawings and paintings was like taking a tour through my past.

1P6fmOY5TSOlSjJQ6jCulA                                                      YnlTqlNkTd+Bldtmbz9exw    mrFPjItsSYeORu5vKnyjoQ   I spent a lot of time sketching in dance classes.

lVViDueWS5yrPJPIFPzufQ      T7pRZb4sRh2j3Rk8EgW7mg

Print-making was fascinating, but the fumes and the harsh chemicals drove me away, and into oils.


The above is a painting of my best friend.


I was a passionate folk dancer while living in Santa Barbara.

The works pictured here were saved, and will go into the storage unit.  Many, many more are in the recycle bin.

I left the art college to get my teaching credential, but I’ve never stopped creating or dancing!


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