Red Bird —Soon in the Morning

Two rival male cardinals live in the woods surrounding The Ridge.  Seeing this one (sorry for the blur) reminded me of the old Leadbelly song Pete Seeger used to sing.

I was a fortunate kid to have been taken to Pete Seeger concerts in Los Angeles, back in the 1950s.  My first memory of Pete Seeger is watching him perform Abi Yoyo from the foot of the stage.  I was astounded that this grown-up man was hopping around on the stage, acting pretty silly for an adult.  I can still picture the slim man with his banjo, high-stepping above my head.

Pete’s music followed me, or perhaps I followed it, throughout my life.  When I was actually on stage, singing with him at Clearwater Festival, it was the completion of a circle than began many years before.

Hail to Pete! Good morning, Red Bird!


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