Silly, Evil Grassmen

Awakening Magic by Kim Ellis

Illustrations by Matt Wall


The Grassmen first appeared in Book I of the Karakesh Chronicles, Tangled in Magic.  Malcolm, age 12, awakens in the forest to find three small, green men admiring his horse.   The Grassmen have an odd way of talking, but they are wily and strong.  They don’t hesitate to toss sneezie powder in the face of anyone who stands in their way.

Crooked Nose laughed and clapped his hands.  “Yes, yes, stealing!  We be the Grassmen and we be stealing your fine horsie.”  

Last week I read that part of Tangled in Magic to a fifth grade class at Walden Elementary School.  They were a great audience.  After I read, the teacher asked, “How did you picture the Grassmen?”

“Like a Leprechaun,” said one student.

“An elf,” said another.

I wish I could remember what inspired the Grassmen.  They came into being a long time ago now, probably in 2011, when I wrote the first version of the book.  Small in stature and decidedly green all over, the Grassmen of Karakesh are known for stealing horses.  They are an amoral bunch who can be hired to do evil. As one character in another book says, “If you pay him enough, a Grassman would murder his mother.”

In Awakening Magic, the Grassman named Vetch is hired to kidnap young prince Emric.

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