We have been watching this mallard pair for a while.  No babies yet, so I’m wondering if it’s still early for nesting.  Anybody know?

Mallards are native to the Northeast U.S.  They are “dabbling ducks” and happy to reside in any wetland habitat.  They eat a variety of food including seeds, aquatic vegetation and small creatures like earthworms and snails.

The female lays 1 to 13 eggs that incubate for 23 to 30 days.  The ducklings are ready to leave the nest after only 13 to 16 hours.

As I’m a teacher, I dredged up my preschool songs about ducks.  Here’s one:

Little Ducky Duddle, sitting in a puddle, sitting in a puddle so small.

It doesn’t really matter how much I splash and splatter,

I’m only a ducky after all–quack, quack!

This is how my mind works.

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