The Hudson Children’s Book Festival

HCBF 2019

I spent a couple of happy hours wandering around this fabulous event at the  Hudson middle school.  In the gym were various organizations with tables of information and books.  Free books were displayed on tables in the middle of the room.

Pat and I gave a pass to the cafeteria full of loud music and children blowing off steam.

The authors’ area was packed.  Writers came from as far away as California and Tennessee.  I was thrilled to meet two of my favorites: Jack Gantos of Dead End in Norvelt and the legendary Jane Yolen–Owl Moon.  Coincidentally, I was reading one of her earlier books that weekend.  She kindly gave me some tips about how to move forward.

On the way home, we paused at a truck stop to get gas.  I also needed a phone charger for the car.  Two Pakistani guys owned the place.  The first cable I found was three feet long and $15.99.

“Don’t you have anything cheaper?” I asked.

The taller man went to a carousel and found a better choice for $9.99.  Then the short guy came up with one for $7.99.  What kindness and lack of greed!

In the bathroom, I appreciated this sign:


It was a great day for book fun and information.


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