Time Away

Jm9ZRhamReqSZVG16O9hTQBeautiful, yes?

This glass design is in the ceiling of the Belchertown, Massachusetts Library.  The library is a magnificent building with many features to admire.

4r2MzQifQ3yMXnZkcSMZZQ                  ReXhT8%cTjSocgaXobuaow

It’s always so helpful for me, as a writer, to get away from my desk and out into the world to meet new people and see new sights.

This library visit was courtesy of our gracious Airbnb host, Fran Ferry, who lives directly across the street.



The lacy fan of woodwork spans the ceiling in the main entrance.

Fran introduced me to the children’s librarian.  Hopefully, we can arrange an author visit in the future.  Serendipity!

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Awakening Magic cover2

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