Keeping Sane

I’m a maker of art.  I always have been.  Excluding folkdancing, I’m most happy when I’m working on a project.  Since the onset of my husband’s dementia, I’ve found escape and solace in quilting and writing, with occasional forays into drawing.

Sometimes I coerce my husband into sewing a quilt project with me.  fullsizeoutput_2234

We made this quilt for dear friends in California.

After mailing that off, I took a couple of days to make placemats for a beekeeper we know.

And today I’ve returned to my big project, a king size quilt for our bedroom.  I should ultimately have 94 fan blocks.  I’m about halfway there.  My workspace looks chaotic, but it’s really quite organized.


More quilter’s tools:

These projects keep me feeling productive and give me focus and satisfaction, rather than wallowing in a caregiver’s emotional stew.

And it’s so much fun to surprise someone with a quilt.


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