Alien Rocks during Social Distancing

LKwXTqSHQ2OVpq+53n45EQAs we slog into week four of staying home, we borrowed an idea from my daughter’s neighborhood in Maryland.  We painted twelve alien rocks and placed them along a street behind the apartment complex.  We left a notice for the residents:

Hello, Kids of the Neighborhood  (and parents, too)

You are invited to  Find the Alien Rocks

It’s a kind of scavenger hunt game, but you don’t keep the rocks. There are 12 alien rocks hidden outside on Cicero Ave. Each one has a number on the bottom.

There is one important rule:

  1. Leave the rocks where you find them.

(Take a picture if you want to keep a record of your finds.)

This venture into rock-painting led us into more ambitious artwork:

And more elaborate:

Now we’ve put the paints away for a while as I’m engaged in sewing masks.  Lots of masks.

It’s still fun to spot the alien rocks when we take our daily walk.

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