Ripples of Magic: Coming Soon!

Ripples cover 1

Born half-selkie, half Traveler, twelve-year-old Demara wants to live in the sea with her selkie father. Yearning and restless, she sets out with her relatives to try out the Traveler life. Her quest to be a full faerie selkie takes her to the faerie queen. On the journey, she learns more about family, friendship, and her own calling. Will Demara find the magic she seeks? Will she choose life in the sea or on the land?

Graphic designer Nicki Hansen of Handersen Publishing did a superb job with the layout of Book IV of the Karakesh Chronicles.  We’re in the final stages of editing.

Look for Ripples of Magic on sometime in May.

And if you haven’t read Books I – IV, you’d better catch up!

Tangled in Magic      Guided by Magic       Awakening Magic — all at    or


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