Ripples of Magic: Available Now!

Ripples cover 1

I enjoyed writing this story about the half-selkie girl, Demara, who thinks she’d be happiest living in the sea with her selkie father.  Demara journeys across Karakesh Kingdom, seeking a way to achieve her desire.  As we travel with her, we return to familiar places in Karakesh, like Mahti’s Honey House, whose house is the beehive, and Hawk Hill Manse, near the faerie queen’s abode.  Confronted by hard choices and unexpected developments, Demara must make her own decision: land or sea?

Lunila and Demara

                                                           Demara with her mother, by K.E.


Ripples of Magic, and the three other books in the series, are available on Amazon ( and also from Handersen Publishing at


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