Michelle Obama’s Podcast

I’ve always admired Michelle Obama for her strength, integrity, and comportment as the First Lady.  The Michelle Obama podcast reveals these qualities and many more.  In the first episode, Michelle talks with Barack Obama about community.  It is a delight to hear these two dedicated and intelligent people in a meaningful conversation. 

I’ve listened to every episode so far.  The topics have ranged from women’s health issues to friendships to marriage.  The most recent (9/10, as of this writing) involved a discussion with Michelle Obama’s mentees, young black women who held internships with her at the White House.  The mentees speak so thoughtfully as they reflect on their experiences at the White House.  It is obvious that they have modeled themselves after their mentor.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this podcast, I urge you to tune in.  It’s available FOR FREE on the Spotify app, also free. 

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