Math, Patterns, and Quilts

This morning, I happened upon this video on Youtube. Generally, I am not mathematically inclined, but this discussion of infinite patterns fascinated me. Some of the language went way over my head, however, I loved how the golden mean (1.618…) appeared in the patterns. The golden mean is the proportion that shows up in famous works of art.

I am a quilter and quilters work with patterns. Most often, we sew together simple geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles to create larger designs. Circles and curves are trickier, and I’ve only attempted one quilt that involved those.

The underlying connections in the world, the spirals of shells and leaves, the snow crystals, the frost on windows, delight me when their structures are revealed.

The video about infinite patterns got me wondering if I could cut a template for dart and kite shapes, and make a quilt with an infinite pattern. This might be a recipe for insanity. I’ll think about it.

My most recent quilt: a chain.

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