Everything I Cannot Bear Is Here

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

                        inspired by Letter Home by Pamela Alexander

Everything I cannot bear is here:

1) Clutter: half-filled cardboard boxes, labeled: kitchen, art supplies, obsolete electronics, books, books, books

2) Too much company but no help

3) Stupid stuff that we keep but never use: last decade’s prescription glasses, your mother’s junk jewelry, Spanish pesos in a cloth bag, adapter plugs from Southeast Asia

4) Disorder: desk strewn with papers, notes, a motion light needing batteries

5) Unfinished projects on the sewing machine, on the daybed, on the laptop

6) Fear of icy driveways, isolation, power outages, falling, wrong choices

5 thoughts on “Everything I Cannot Bear Is Here

  1. Can completely relate I am paralyzed by the ever encroaching clutter in the wood shop downstairs and in our apartment that only has 2 closets I am tripping over outdoor planters with annuals And lettuces i want to save ….save to where??? Business clothes that I will never wear but the cuts do the cloth are good The way too many sweaters my step daughter gives me every Christmas, the way too many summer shirts as if I still iron or have places to go in them, the three pairs of dead sneakers that stay in the house because the soles are still good and I should repair the tops

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  2. Oh did I forget to mention the binders full of materials from programs I used to run and classes I used to teach??? It is such an interesting set of concrete illustrations of my fragile and not so fragile ego!

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  3. I can relate to this. Why am I keeping the material from courses I devised and ran years ago. Nobody is interested in them but the hours put into developing them surely should not go unremarked. One day I will have to tackle the problem. It’s unfair to leave that chore to my children once i can no longer do it.


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