EZ Pass

Photo by Tim Samuel on Pexels.com

This small plastic box,

attached with Velcro

to my windshield

is now another symbol

of white privilege.

The Thruway Authority

has eliminated 58 tollbooths

(and hundreds of jobs)

replaced them with cameras.

Folks without EZ-Passes

will be billed


and pay 30% more

to drive the Thruway.


workers without

checking accounts or

credit cards

are cornered.

Already some are

receiving bills

that they can’t pay.

Who suffers?

Not me.

I have my plastic box.

Alma and Jorge

who come north

from Newburgh—

Alma to clean houses,

Jorge to paint them—

have no bank account,

no VISA card,

no papers.

All they want

is to go to work

and fly under the radar.

One thought on “EZ Pass

  1. This is all so unfair. Jobs lost and some folks paying even more to get to work. We have similar silliness here. Some Govt Departments will no longer accept cheques. A friend who only ever pays bills with cheques has decided when his Inland Revenue bill is due in February, that he is going to turn up at the Head Office with cash.
    Who makes these crazy policies?
    Keep well. Happy New Year.


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