The Pleasures of the Garden

Every morning for the past two weeks, I’ve inspected the places where we’ve planted.  And I’ve been wringing my hands, wondering “Was it too early for the flower seeds?  Did the frost do the bulbs in?  Did the birds eat the seeds?”

But today, at last, spikes from bulbs have emerged. 

Tiny first leaves from flower seeds appeared.  Zinnias!

The bushes are growing: forsythia, spirea, burning bush. 

The bleeding hearts are already blooming.

I dug a deep hole for the butterfly bush and struck water!  Was this an underground stream, or just the result of a day of pelting rain?  It didn’t seem wise to plant in several inches of water, so I filled in the hole and put the butterfly bush on the other side of the house.

The clematis finally appeared.  We put a cage around the lilac bush because someone was eating it. 

What a glorious spring we’re having!  Everything is so GREEN.  Next project: a fenced in vegetable garden.

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