Labyrinth VI – Fair Street Reformed Church

My husband needed a COVID test at his doctor’s office in Kingston (NY).  So…as long as we were in Kingston, I thought we might as well check out the labyrinth at the Fair Street Reformed Church.  Fair Street is in the old part of Kingston with interesting houses that probably date back to earlier days when Kingston was the capital of New York. 

The labyrinth was just steps away from the sidewalk.  The bricks outlining the path appeared to be made of granite and were slightly above ground level.  There was a plaque at the entrance with some suggestions, including this provocative quote:

The point of a maze is to find its center.  The point of a labyrinth is to find your center.

This labyrinth had six circuits and was medieval in type, according to the WWLL.  The placement of the bricks that formed the circuits was clever.  The turns were formed by an elongated X.  I especially liked the way the bricks formed the six-petaled rose in the center.  As far as I could tell, the only bricks that had to be cut were those that made the end points of the petals’ edges.

For all its simplicity—or maybe because of it–this design was really pleasing.  However, the paths were a little too narrow for comfortable walking.  I suspect the location dictated the width, because the labyrinth was on the lawn between the church and the sidewalk.

It was hard to find inner silence on that busy Monday morning in the center of Kingston.  I was halfway into my walk when along came a city worker with a rolling metal cannister, collecting the money out of the parking meters.  Oh, the rattling and clinking! 

It wasn’t a peaceful location—for me, anyway–but I will store away the design as one to possibly replicate someday.


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