Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

Artichoke green

shadows of pine trees

dark with hints of yellow

where the grackles congregate


Fern green

maidenhair and fiddlehead

canopy for voles

dew-drop shower


Forest green

hillside jewels

gathered there

locust, maple, oak, pine


Honeydew green

melon sweet,

pale as pith

sun ripened


Jungle green

touched by blue

cattails and clover leaves

cucumber peels


Kelly green

meadows between stone fences

clouded by sheep

floating over stiles


Mantis green

rare creature who prays

while stalking beetles

on summer branches


Mint green

aphids or katydids

nasturtium circles

tremble in wind


Tea green

lightly steeped

jasmine steam

a porcelain cup


Celadon green

pale and gray

a range of sad shades

resembling jade

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