Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels.com

We stand on a cliff

in blasts of wild wind.

Above us, charcoal clouds

boil and bulge.

Below us, the furious sea

mirrors the raging sky

that churns and heaves

as it engulfs two houses.


He is someone I knew in high school.

He says, we’ll take a boat

when the storm ends.

No, I mutter,

sure that the waves will still be high

and seasickness a certainty.

The wind snatches my pale voice.


And why is he in charge?

And why don’t I shout my refusal?

And what is the reason

for such a risky trip?


My mirror asks,

what is your purpose?

My mirror says,

you are bigger than this small life.

My mirror says,

you can choose your boat.

You do not have to enter

drowning houses.


Available from Amazon and Handersen Publishing

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