Oh, Summer Night!


Photo by Alexander Grigorian on Pexels.com


Sit on the back deck.

Spit cherry pits over the rail

While crickets sing in the hayfield

And fireflies’ searchlights flicker

Those tiny green stars blink

Like planes

Coming in for a landing.


Smell the leaf mold

The cut grass

Hear the river gurgle below the old willow

The breeze kisses your cheek

On its way to the ridge.


Once I read a story

About a summer night like this.

Three children sat by a brook

Drinking rootbeer

And slapping at mosquitoes.

I wish they were here

With me now.


Welcome, new followers! Thanks for reading.


What’s your favorite part of summer? Coming from a West Coast childhood, I’m still enchanted by fireflies and Queen Anne’s lace.


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