In Quiet


Photo by Jean Alves on


In quiet would I look upon the world,


Four bright umbrellas startle the horses

They careen around the paddock,

coats dark in the mizzling rain

When no harm comes

from purple and spotted mushroom people,

they stop, huffing, ears pricked

a safe distance from the fence


My paddock has walls, not fences

few strange sights intrude

the space I’ve decorated

like a crab disguising itself with kelp and coral


which but reflects Your thoughts, and mine as well.


Wall or fence, all one creation

that won’t keep the wild out

craven thoughts or grudges

Rise, oh, rise above the green pasture

All are already forgiven


Let me remember that they are the same,

And I will see creation’s gentleness.*


*Course in Miracles, Lesson 265

Book V of the Karakesh Chronicles — on Amazon

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