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Come with me


Step inside the body temple

Follow the arteries to the heart center

Anahata chakra

where Spirit has set an altar

embellished with fragrant leaves and flowers

freesia, mint, sandalwood, lemon

strewn on a blue silk cloth.

Tiny golden bells ring

Gongs intone “om.”


And on the divine altar

we place our stories

of triumph or sorrow

anger, regret

Here on this holy table

we offer the narratives

that we believe define us


Who chose to marry,

Who said no,

Who stayed in a hated job

Who sailed away

Who danced

Who tripped


In the clean light of Spirit

the stories disperse

like steam into air

when the sacrifice,

intention, is true,

only love remains

2 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. Wow! Perhaps my favorite to date. Your thoughts are so simplistic yet so complex. Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts with all of us.


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