Growing Magic: Book V of the Karakesh Chronicles

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Bimi Lightfoot’s faerie mother gave him away when he was a baby.  But who is his father?  Someday, Bimi promises himself, he’ll seek out both his parents.  That day comes sooner than Bimi expects, when his faerie cousin, Liri Flare, sweeps him into the sky on a mission to steal a horse.  Once away from his adoptive family, Bimi sets out to find his mother and learn the truth about his father.  He gets help from some of the magical folk of Karakesh, but other encounters are downright life-threatening.  Does Bimi find what he seeks on his quest? 

The Hissing Swamp

Growing Magic is Book V of the Karakesh Chronicles. Magic and fantastic creatures make travel in the Kingdom of Karakesh a mysterious, exciting, and often dangerous undertaking. The adventures of Bimi and the others who figure in the Karakesh Chronicles offer readers a world of enchantment.

Start with Book I, Tangled in Magic, to join Agatha in her quest to find her brother, Malcolm. Or jump in anywhere in the series.

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