Passing Through


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Passing through, passing through

Sometimes happy, sometimes blue

Glad that I ran into you

Tell the people that I’m only passing through.   —Woody Guthrie


He clasped her left arm

with his right hand

fed her nourishing broth

Greek yogurt, lasagna he made

in her kitchen


The Opponent drained her appetite

gripped her right arm

with steady strength

and a beady eye

pulled her into

dusty desert dream

on dry scaly feet


He tightened his fingers

though her arm bruised violet patches

brought her news and music

cucumber and Coke

whatever she fancied

her arm slid away

as if slathered in Vaseline


The Opponent sneered,

I always win

pointed to the faint line in the dust

she’s almost on my side now

Years pull with me, and weariness,

and sour dependence.


He tried everything they said

—protein bars, half-pound weights, smoothies–

He couldn’t hold her

not when when she

was letting go

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