Coming to You from Cadiz, Spain

IMG_4707This is a mostly wooden bicycle made in this workshop we passed on one of the narrow streets in the historic part of Cadiz.

IMG_4712These “dragon” trees are huge, maybe twenty feet around.  The Parque Genovese borders the ocean.


Here is another view of the Parque Genovese, showing the strong Moorish influence.


The fountains also are Moorish style.


Cadiz claims to be the oldest city in Europe.  In 1100 BC, the town of Gadir was founded by the Phoenicians.  Since then, Cadiz has been occupied by the Carthaginians, the Romans, and the Moors.  New World wealth made Cadiz a prosperous city.

We enjoyed wandering the streets that opened into large or small plazas.  In one of the big plazas, the city market was in full swing.  On one side were the stalls of vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat.  On the other side were stalls selling all kinds of delicious food.  We chose to have vegetable crepes made by a harried vendor who ran out of ingredients.  I watched as she frantically chopped tomatoes and mushrooms, and kept telling me, “cinco minutos!”  The crepes were really good!


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