Coming to You from Arcos de la Frontera, Spain


The drive to Arcos de la Frontera is beautiful.  Those yellow patches you see in the background are fields of sunflowers.  As the road ascended to Arcos, the scenery began to look familiar.


We’d been here before!  Ten years ago?  This is the view from the lower plaza where we parked the car.


I’m standing in the lobby of the Hotel de la Fonda, where Pat and I stayed.  The management and the decor have changed.


Walking up the main road to the cathedral at the top, we passed many stores of local products: goat cheese, dulces arabes, honey, and fig cakes.


We did not go inside this time, but I remember well the glass case holding the mummified and dressed up body of a saint.  He had gold caps on his fingertips.


We stopped for “desayuno” at this cafe, the Taberna de Jovenes Flamencos.


Inside the cafe, the decor was all bullfights.  See the elaborate torero suits on the walls.


We’d also been to this store of local arts and crafts before.  We went again, admiring the watercolors, and the ceramics.

Leaving the city, I made a wrong turn and got us trapped on a dead-end hill, worse than San Francisco!  Pat took over and turned us around.  A little excitement at the end of a pleasant revisit.

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