Coming to You from Medina Sidonia, Spain

Our original destination yesterday was Laguna de Medina, a lagoon that is the stopping off place for migrating birds.  It seemed like a good choice for a Sunday, when all the shops are closed.  The GPS on our fancy rental car couldn’t handle the location, so we went to Medina Sidonia instead.


Good choice!  Medina Sidonia is a “pueblo blanco” on a conical hill.  Taken from the Moors by Alfonso X in 1264, Medina Sidonia became the holding of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, whose job was to defend the territory between their town and the Bay of Cadiz.  The photo above shows part of the medieval wall that remains.


Here is Pat on one of the narrow streets.


The approach to the Iglesia de Santa Maria la Coronada.


The carved retablo of the altar.


There is Santa Maria la Coronada.

fullsizeoutput_1b1a                              IMG_4758

Two aspects of the town: I’m intrigued by doorways.

After visiting the cathedral, we were hungry.  I asked two women on the street where to find a restaurant that was open.  They pointed ahead and to the right, and followed us inside.

We ate lunch in the small pub with the locals.  The men at the bar were having a loud, animated conversation.

IMG_4754                            IMG_4756


Here are the two women who helped us find lunch.

Medina Sidonia was a great find.  The weather was gorgeous, too.

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