Coming to You from Lebrija, Spain

In another failed effort to gain access to the Parque Nacional de Donana, I misdirected us onto a two-hour plus route to the far entrance of the preserve.  Rather than make the long drive around the park to the entrance at Almonte, we branched off toward Lebrija.  The guidebook announced a promising church, so we got the tower in our sights and started off.


We passed through this pretty plaza not far from the Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Oliva.


Sighting the tower–it was restored in 1999.

fullsizeoutput_1b88            IMG_4832

The altar—and a large fresco.

IMG_4831            fullsizeoutput_1b8b

The doorway in the courtyard—-and the Mudejar (Moorish) tiling, surely the oldest part of the church that used to be a mosque.


More beautiful tile work.

We went on up the hill to the ruins of the medieval castle.

IMG_4839     fullsizeoutput_1b8c

And then to the church on the very top, honoring the patron saint of Lebrija.


fullsizeoutput_1b86                    IMG_4826


This ceiling vault was my favorite part.  The work must date back to the original Moorish building.

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