Coming to You from Spain: things that delight me

IMG_4847            fullsizeoutput_1b96

I enjoy the  many common gadgets and conveniences that the Spanish take for granted. (left) The light pole carries a second, lower set of lights so drivers can see when the light changes.  (right) Now that the weather is getting hot, the cafes have misting hoses strung through the umbrellas.


Houses are surrounded by living walls of ivy, bougainvillea, and grapevines.


We live across the street from two horses.  They trade locations, but the chickens and the goat stay in this paddock.

fullsizeoutput_1b95          fullsizeoutput_1b93

Windows and doors open two ways.  Is that brilliant, or what??

Note the bars.  Bars on all doors and windows except the front door.

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