Launcelot: Sword and Sorrow

Performance by Peter and Sarah Walker


Last Saturday at Christ the King Episcopal Church in Stone Ridge, singer and musician extraordinaire Peter Walker and his wife Sarah performed a musical biography of Lancelot.

It was amazing.

Peter plays several medieval instruments, including Celtic harp, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, and a stringed instrument called a citole.  He also has a magnificent voice and sings in old French, old English, and Latin.  Sarah, his wife, narrates in a clear, expressive, beautifully audible voice.

Sarah and Peter

Together, Sarah and Peter presented the story of Launcelot du Lac, from Launcelot’s arrival at King Arthur’s court, to his spiritual demise and the destruction of Camelot.

And what a story it is!

I had forgotten the details of the Knights of the Round Table.  I read Roger Lancelyn Green’s book over and over when I was 11 years old.  Hearing the song and story of Launcelot brought it all back, with a little research to confirm my memory.

The story of Camelot, the Round Table, Arthur and his best knight, has every element of deceit, intrigue, and romance that one could want.


I’ll save the recounting for another post.  Here is Peter playing the harp last Saturday.

Peter and harp

To learn more about Peter and his performances, go to his website at

There you can listen to him play and sing, and see the schedule of his events.

peter walker bagpipe

It’s worth the effort!  What a fascinating and educational performance!

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